Student Organizations

Commit to 100%

Join Hopkins Votes by committing to register 100% of your eligible students to vote.

Why should you commit to 100% registration?

By committing to 100% participation in the 2024 election, you and your organization can boost student turnout and help Hopkins Votes fulfill its mission to cultivate an active, more engaged electorate. Hopkins Votes has created toolkits and training to help you and your team make this happen.

Student Engagement Activities

All-In Campus Democracy Challenge

Johns Hopkins has joined more than 1,400 college campuses across the country in the All-In Campus Democracy Challenge, a national, nonpartisan initiative that inspires, supports, and celebrates colleges and universities working to improve civic learning, political engagement, and voter participation. JHU President Ronald J. Daniels serves on the All-In Challenge’s President’s Council and solicits engagement from fellow Centennial College presidents.

In 2019, Johns Hopkins received two All-In Campus Democracy Challenge awards after an increase in student participation during the midterm election cycle in 2018. The university earned Gold Certification—reserved for schools with a student voting participation rate between 40% and 49%—as well as a Best in Class award for the most-improved voting rate at a large, private institution. Johns Hopkins continues its commitment to democratic engagement following the 2020 Presidential Election in preparation for the 2022 midterm election cycle.

In 2024, JHU is working to:

  • Increase the undergraduate student voting rate during the 2024 primaries and midterm elections.
  • Increase the overall voting rate among all eligible students (undergraduate and graduate).
  • Continue to increase student voter registration rates annually by ensuring voter registration opportunities are available every semester, with increased attention to local elections

Ask Every Student

Johns Hopkins is an active participant in Ask Every Student, a national program that augments the university’s voter engagement activities.